Electronic monitoring systems are highly customizable modular units for the control of the lubricant dispenses in a workshop. They enable the owner or the operator to get a precise, efficient and safe information on each single dispense, eliminating any possible deviation, caused by theft on non-authorized dispenses, in the purchased and sold oil quantity. The amortization of the financial investment in such a system therefore will quickly be achieved by a notable reduction in the consumption of lubricants that can be visualized in the periodical reports.

Besides that these systems also permit a continuous control of the lubricants inventory in a workshop, recording each reduction caused by dispenses immediately.

The use of these systems is easy, even for non-experts. They are connected with a usual PC with an operating system in windows. Each transaction can be printed out immediately or can be stored and printed out gradually in a summary of various dispenses.

For being able to carry out a dispense of oil the operator must first identify himself by entering his personal identification code on the keypad. Then he can also enter a job order number, the vehicle registration number, the mileage of the vehicles and of course select the required product type, the quantity to be dispensed and the outlet to be used for the dispense. After the dispenses all this data will automatically be stored, considering only the quantity that has really been dispensed. The system assures an absolute security which is guaranteed by different password levels 1) for the operators, 2) for the supervisor and 3) for the workshop owner or the person responsible for the installation and configuration of the system.

FLUID KEEPER is a modular monitoring system which allows controlling up to 16 different oil types or antifreeze, and up to 64 different dispensing points.

Each dispense of a lubricant made by the operators is electronically registered, transmitted to a PC and administrated in a Windows – based programme.

The level of each container is automatically and continuously updated and a message is sent if the (presetable) minimum level has been reached in a container or the system is blocked if another (presetable) “ stop” level has been reached. In order to make a dispense the operator must:

  • enter his personal 4 – digits – identification code,
  • enter the internal job order number;
  • indicate the vehicle registration number;
  • select the oil type;
  • enter the quantity to be dispensed.

After a short waiting period (presetable) which allows the operator to take the corresponding control gun, it is possible to start the dispense by pulling the trigger. When the preset quantity has been reached the system automatically stops the dispense.

If the preset dispensing quantity should be higher than the really required quantity, it is possible to interrupt the dispense by releasing the trigger of the control gun. The system will automatically registrant eventual difference between the preset and the really dispensed quantity and transmit to the PC only the effective dispensing data.

All data can be extracted and printed out in periodical statistics based on operator, job order number, date, oil type, container or vehicle.

Further more the system permits the extension with additional components (optional), such as:

  • ticket printer for a report on each individual dispense;
  • bar code reader for scanning the data of each transaction;
  • security sensors detecting the internal pressures of the pipework;
  • remote display for the visualization of the dispensed quantity.

Model no: 9876

Control unit Fluid Keeper 8 Multidispense with alphanumerical keyboard and display. One control unit is necessary per 8 dispensing points and allows also simultaneous dispensing in various dispensing points. There can be installed up to 8 control units in the system.

Model no: 9877

Alphanumerical keyboard with display without memory that can be installed optionally and allows activating any of the connected dispensing points of the system. There can be installed up to 40 of these keyboards in the system.

Model no. 9879

Control unit FLUID KEEPER 8 MOBILE with touch screen 7” (185 x 98 mm).

Model no. 9795

Bar code reader for FLUID KEEPER 8 MULTIDISPENSE system. Allows to scan all data that can be read by the software. The bar code reader must be connected to an alphanumerical keyboard unit, model no. 9877. With only one quick transaction all necessary data can be read, avoiding like that any possible errors eventually occurring when entering the data manually on the keyboard.

Model no. 9730 – 9731

Electronic oval gears flow meter with pulse transmitter, suitable for oil and diesel, including a solenoid valve, an in-line 150 pm filter and a wall bracket

9730 1/2" BSP (F) 35 +5 ̊ C / + 110 ̊ C 100 + / - 0.5% 78/L 1.5 KG
9731 1" BSP (F) 80 +5 ̊ C / + 110 ̊ C 100 + / - 0.5% 78/L 2.5 KG

Model no. 9732

Electronic oval gears flow meter with pulse transmitter, suitable for oil and diesel, including a solenoid valve, an in-line 150 pm filter, a built-in display and a wall bracket.

9732 1/2" BSP (F) 35 +5 ̊ C / + 110 ̊ C 100 + / - 0.5% 78/L 1.6 KG