Advantages Of Torque Multipliers :

  • The ratio stated is the true torque multiplication factor.
  • No correction charts are needed to determine torque output.
  • Strong, safe Anti Wind-Up Ratchet available on most models for safe and comfortable operation.
  • A wide range of alternative reaction arms are available as per customers requirement, making the Torque Multiplier adaptable to many applications.

Standard Series Anti Wind-Up Ratchet

Anti Wind-Up Ratchet (AWUR)

With any high ratio gearbox (25:1 or more) a certain amount of wind-up (spring) has to be taken up before any useful tightening work is applied to the nut.

Each time the input device is released, the wind-up will rotate it back against the direction of operation.

The Anti Wind-Up Ratchet retains all of the wind-up forces as they are created, with the following benefits:

  • The torque input device can not fly backwards against the direction of operation if it is suddenly released.
  • Without an Anti Wind-Up Ratchet, it will often be necessary to continue to make 360 sweeps with the torque input device otherwise the multiplier will ‘unwind’. However, obstructions will often make this impossible.
  • With an Anti Wind-Up Ratchet fitted, the multiplier becomes locked onto The nut because the reaction plate is held hard against the reaction point. This means that even used upside down, the multiplier will support it’s own weight.

Safety Note: Additional support is recommended as failure in the bolt, socket or multiplier will release the wind-up forces and cause the multiplier to drop.

Hand Torque Multipliers - Standard Series

Features of Hand Torque Multipliers

  • Accuracy better than ± 4%.
  • Precision tightening and loosening of all heavy duty fasteners.
  • Low energy input with high torque transfer.
  • Higher capacity multipliers are furnished with strong ratchets (Anti-wind up mechanism) allowing jobs to be performed easily, efficiently, and safely.
  • Precision Manufacturing ensures long life and premier quality.
  • A groove on output Square breaks if over loaded in excess of 20% of its capacity.
  • Highest possible load factor is guaranteed due to design and use of forged components.

Standard Series, to 47500 N.m

Model No. Capacity Ratio Input Square Output Square A ø B C min C max Weight*
N.m Ibf.ft inch inch mm mm mm mm kg lbs
SPTM-6 3400 2500 5 03-Apr 1.1/2 116 158 105 260 9.2 20.24
SPTM-6/25 3400 2500 25 01-Feb 1.1/2 116 211 105 260 12 26.4
SPTM-7 6000 4500 5 03-Apr 1.1/2 142 170.5 115 310 18 39.6
Fitted with AWUR
6000 4500 25 01-Feb 1.1/2 142 230 115 310 22 48.4
Fitted with AWUR
9500 7000 25 03-Apr 1.1/2 195 243 150 350 33 72.6
Fitted with AWUR
9500 7000 125 01-Feb 1.1/2 195 325 150 350 35.5 78.1
Fitted with AWUR
17000 12500 25 03-Apr 2.1/2 220 355 164 480 52 114.4
Fitted with AWUR
17000 12500 125 01-Feb 2.1/2 220 404 164 480 57 125.4
Fitted with AWUR
47500 35000 125 03-Apr 2.1/2 315 550 164 480 80 176

Mechanical Torque Multipliers

NANO Series Torque Multipliers

Slim Torque Multipliers

What is a Torque Multipliers?

It is a simple gear box, works on the principle of ‘Epicyclic Gearing’. The given load at the input gets torque multipliers as per the multiplication factor and transmitted at the output, there by with a minimum efforts you achieve greater load.

How They Work

Hand Torque Multipliers incorporate an ‘Epicyclic’ or ‘Planetary’ gear train having one or more stages. Each stage of gearing increases the torque multipliers applied by a factor of 5, allowing to offer torque multipliers in ratios of 5:1, 25:1 and 125:1. In the planetary gear system, torque multipliers is applied to the input gear or ‘Sun’ gear. Three or four planet gears whose teeth are engaged with the sun gear and therefore rotate. The outside casing of the torque multipliers, or ‘Annulus’ is also engaged with the planet gear teeth, and would normally rotate in the opposite direction to the sun gear. A reaction arm prevents the annulus from rotating, and this causes the planet gears to orbit around the sun. The planet gears are held between input and output plate which also holds the output square drive. Therefore as the planetary gears orbit around the sun gear, output plate the and so the square drive turns. Without the reaction arm to keep the annulus stationary, the output square will not apply torque multipliers.

Why use a Torque Multipliers?

Safety - Use of long levers can be dangerous. Torque Multipliers mean a reduction in the lever length or operator effort by a factor of 5, 25 or 125.

Space Limitation - The use of a long lever may be impossible due to restricted space.

Accuracy - Torque Multipliers will be applied most accurately when it is applied smoothly and slowly. Torque Multipliers enable this by removing much of the physical effort from the tightening task.


Features of Light Weight Torque Wrenches

  • Material: Light weight high strength alloy body reduces its weight to half of the equivalent conventional Torque Wrenches.
  • Compact Size: Compact in size with multiple extensions, ensures use at restricted places. Light Weight and Compact Packing makes handling and transportation easy.
  • Torque Indication: Short path actuation of gears provide clear impulse and audible signal on reaching set torque values.
  • Variable Extension: Extension bars can be adjusted to get different extension length as per the operator’s requirement.
  • Pin Locking: Pin Lock mechanism at Sq. Drive for positive safe locking.
  • Graduation: Single Scale Graduation for clear reading, Standard scale graduation is in Nm but can be supplied in other scales as required on request.
  • Longer Range: 140 Nm to 3000 Nm covered in just four models.
  • Accuracy: Better than ± 3 with very high repeatability.
  • Calibration: Calibration Traceable to National Standards.
  • Ratcheting Action: Suitable Ratchet Adaptors available to convert to ratchet type Torque Wrench.
  • Packing: Standard packing is in individual sturdy cardboard box. On request also available in metallic case.
Model No Range Square Drive OAL Extension Weight
Nm Kgf m inch mm mm kg
SPLTW-75 140-760 14-76 03-Apr 810 - 3.5
SPLTW-100 520-1000 52-100 03-Apr 810 520 5.5
SPLTW-200 750-2000 75-200 1 935 0.627907 11.5
SPLTW-300 1500-3000 150-300 1.1/2 935 0.482759 14